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Complete your free COVID-19 assessment to find out if you meet the criteria for COVID-19 antibody screening. Our board-certified providers will help you step-by-step, including evaluating your symptoms, ordering screening, and helping you collect samples at home.

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4 Simple Steps

How it works

Step 1

Get screened for COVID-19

Chat with an expert board-certified doctor who can evaluate your symptoms and order screening tests.

Step 2

Receive your antibody test kit

If your doctor determines that you meet the CDC’s criteria, you can place an order for the screening kit, which will be delivered to you with express shipping.

Step 3

Complete your test over video

Connect to a healthcare professional to guide you through the antibody collection procedure.

Step 4

Receive your results online

Wait 10 minutes and your provider will explain your antibody results and determine next steps.

COVID-19 Virtual Pre-screening

Take our short online screening to determine if you meet the current testing criteria. If you do, you’ll be matched with one of our providers to complete your evaluation and order any necessary tests.


Covid-19 Supervised Screening Test Kit

Pre-screening is required to evaluate your eligibility.


1 Blood Spot TestCreated with Sketch.

1 Blood Spot Test

This test detects whether you have been infected and if your immune system has produced antibodies that indicate an immunity to the virus.

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2 Video Consultations

Your provider will assist you with completing your screening and interpreting your results

Express shipping both ways is included with your bundleCreated with Sketch.

Express shipping both ways is included with your bundle

Your results

Covid-19 Screening Results

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Contagious with Covid-19

Learn if you currently show the presence of the SARS-COV-2 virus and are actively contagious to others.

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Immunity to COVID-19

Learn how your body is currrently reacting to the virus and whether you have developed protective immunity.

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Telehealth Consult

If your test shows a high risk for COVID-19 and your illness progresses, a telehealth consultation can be scheduled to guide you to your next steps.

Our medical leadership

Be part of our remote medical team!

Dr. Steven Motarjeme

AIS, MDLIVE, ECI, Adeptius, and University of Colorado
With more than 2 decades of being a Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steven is an authority in leading medical staff for emergency medicine programs.

Dr. Manuel Pena

Pena Plastic Surgery
As the Surgeon in Chief of his own clinic, Dr. Manuel is motivated by his mission of restoring and improving patient’s wellbeing.

Dr. Paul Schwartz

Delray Medical Center and Custom Telehealth
Being a Physician Advisor for Telehealth, Dr. Paul has years of expertise with effectively delivering medical procedures online.

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